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Wooden Scaffold Boards
(BSI Certified)

Duscaff is the only BSI (British Standard Institution) certified manufacturer of Scaffold Boards in the Middle-East.

Duscaff UKAS Product Certificate Code:  
CATG 1245-CPR- 2265.

Duscaff is certified by UKAS as an establishment qualified to manufacture BSI graded scaffold boards.

15 personnel of Duscaff are certified by UKAS as qualified visual graders of BSI Scaffold Boards.

Duscaff is the only registered company in the Middle-East that is certified to manufacture BSI Timber Scaffold Boards.

Compressed BSI Graders of Scaffold Board

Our team of certified visual graders at work

Each timber board is visually inspected and either rejected or graded to BS2482:2009 standard. After the inspection process, the graded boards are fixed with metal end-bands that bear the maximum recommended load span, "V" for visually graded, BS2482:09 marking and our BSI registration number.

Duscaff Timber Scaffold Boards BS 2482 2


Several scaffolding suppliers engage in the wrongful act of selling ungraded wooden boards as scaffold boards by fixing metal bands to the ends of the boards and providing UKAS certificates of other genuine suppliers from Europe. Such suppliers have no knowledge of the grading rules of British Standard scaffold boards and such boards pose a serious risk to the safety of the workers on the scaffolding.

Timber scaffold boards are always looked upon as being “OK” until they fail. British Standards specify that scaffold boards graded by UKAS certified establishments are only considered safe to use.

The manufacturer's UKAS product certification will also help the contractor with legal issues and insurance claims in the unfortunate event of an accident at the site.

BSI Scaffold Board Specifications

Section Size:
Unit Weight:
Surface Finish:


38mm x 225mm
0.50 – 3.90m
3.58 to 3.77 kg/m at 20% moisture
Rough Sawn and square cut. Galvanized end-band on both ends.

Duscaff Product Code:



V 1.2m SPAN


CATG 1245-CPR- 2265 | DUSCAFF

Quality and Structural Verification

The timber used in the production of the scaffold boards is made of species specified by BSI in the guidelines BS2482:2009 that are suitable for use as scaffold boards.
Duscaff is certified by a grading authority of UKAS to manufacture and supply BS2482:2009 graded boards (registration number CATG 1245-CPR-2265) and maintains all relevant records of the production and grading processes.

Each board is individually visually graded to verify the strength of each plank exceeds the bending moment requirements for the working loads set out in the guidelines of BS2482:2009.

Compressed BSI Board Span Table.jpg

Table 1. Method of test for determining bending strength
(as per Table C.1 of BS2482:2009 by British Standard Institution)


The scaffold boards are 38 mm thick, 225 mm wide, and available primarily in two lengths, 3900 mm and 3000 mm (cut sizes are also available).

The boards are banded with galvanized steel end bands at the two ends for longer life and durability. All of our BSI Timber Scaffold Boards are made from Austrian, German, Swedish and other European wood.

The scaffold boards are kiln dried to BS 2482:2009 standards (de-moisturized to prevent warping, which makes them ideal for scaffolding in boiler rooms &
high-temperature environments).

Interactive table of a complete list of wooden scaffold boards that we manufacture. 

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